Campsite rules

On arrival each guest is asked to show a valid personal document for registration purposes. Each guest is then assigned to a specific pitch, which is not normally going to be changed over the vacation, even if changes are possibile, based on other places’ availability and following to our reception consent.

If further guests join a group later on, each of them is asked to let us both their arrival and their departure known, and to show their own personal documents.

Guests are kindly asked to differentiate their own waste and to bring each kind of separated waste to the appropriate waste bin, located in the dedicated waste disposal area of our facility.

The small fountains which you are going to find across our campsite are only meant for water collection purposes.

It’s strictly forbidden to damage both the greenery and the facilities of our campsite, to light up any fires, to dig holes, to pour any kind of liquid chemical substances (or salty or boiling liquids) and to waste or to improperly use water.

Noisy behaviours, activities, plays or appliances are please to be avoided, as not to annoy your campsite neighbours.

Adults are responsible for their own children, and thus have to make sure that they are not disturbing other guests. Children have please to be accompanied to toilets.

We are not going to assume any responsibility as for the loss, theft, destruction or damage of items which had not previously specifically been given to custody to us. The same goes for damages caused by third parties as well as by force majeure or by natural disasters.

Rules for guests with pets

All guests are required to inform us if there are pets in their group as soon as on arrival (or even better while booking a place). Possibile damage, which could be caused by pets to third parties or to our facilities, is completely to be atrributed to the pet’s owner. As for our local council decisions, pets are not allowed to have access to the beaches on the Caldonazzo Lake. Outside one’s pitch, pets are always to be kept on a leash, and it’s forbidden to bring pets to the playground or to the relax area.